PRESS RELEASE Seven Seas announces the opening of a new branch in Port of Den Helder

In a move to further increase its presence in the North Sea and provide truly integrated “concierge of the port” services, Seven Seas, a leading maritime services provider, has expanded its presence in The Netherlands with the opening of a new branch and warehouse in Port of Den Helder.

The new 450sqm warehouse is located in a premium location, right at the waterfront in Den Helder, guaranteeing an extraordinarily fast delivery of goods and provisions to vessels in the surrounding areas. This state of the art facility is fully equipped with one freezer and one chiller and all required resources for efficient ship supply. It is under custom certification, which ensures that Seven Seas can provide customers with the storage of bonded goods.

Commenting on the opening, Remco Janssen, Seven Seas Northern Europe Director said: “With the opening of our new warehouse in Den Helder we position ourselves to serve the Northern ports of the Netherlands and thus the North Sea. We believe Den Helder is and will remain a very important port for the support of many offshore operations in the North Sea, and Seven Seas is now capable of servicing these operations at close range”.

This enhanced presence, allows Seven Seas to further optimize its supply chain and geographical expansion, guaranteeing it provides its customers with high quality services and products, no matter where they are. The new Seven Seas facility will also provide a 24/7 service. “By enhancing our presence and services offering, we getting closer to becoming the ‘concierge of the port’ that our customers are looking for – the right offering, at the right time and the right place” added Janssen.

Having a local presence also means that Seven Seas is now able to consolidate local deliveries, using local suppliers for fresh and specialty products. Furthermore, short transportation times not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also guarantee an unbroken temperature chain for all provisions delivered on board.

Seven Seas’ boarding representatives will also be available on site, ready to cater for any special requests and visiting directly the vessels to ensure extra customer service and support on board.