PRESS RELEASE: The Netherlands’ main offshore port gets the go-ahead for building the future

In presence of approximately 150 attendees, the official go-ahead for the construction of a new part of the Kooypunt industrial estate was given during the port stakeholders’ meeting of Port of Den Helder (PODH) and the Harbour and Shipping Association (Haven- en Scheepvaart Vereniging/HSV). This new development is known as Kooypunt III. At approximately 3pm, Pieter Kos, the Municipal Alderman of Den Helder, resolutely pressed the button to start a video in which various stakeholders explained the importance of the port and its continuing development.

(Left) Pieter Kos the Municipal Alderman of Den Helder (Right) Piet-Hein Kolff (CEO PoDH). Photo: PressOffshore.

(Left) Pieter Kos the Municipal Alderman of Den Helder (Right) Piet-Hein Kolff (CEO PoDH). Photo: PressOffshore.

The port stakeholders’ meeting was an informative meeting for all parties associated with the port and the area around the port and took place at the site of recycling company Bek en Verburg, the first company that will officially move to the Kooypunt III estate. Bek en Verburg specialises in efficient and time-saving methods for removing and disposing of maritime waste in accordance with national and international legislation.

In addition to a presentation given by Bek en Verburg, Wintershall, the fourth largest operator of gas production platform on the Dutch continental shelf, also gave a company presentation and looked back on the past year. In addition, Wintershall shared its views on the future opportunities open to Port of Den Helder.

Kooypunt Business Estate
Kooypunt III will operate as a service hub. It is an industrial estate that focuses on companies which are not directly dependent on the port itself, but which provide services for the port-based offshore-related businesses. Kooypunt III is part of the Kooypunt business estate. Due to its proximity to the maritime port and Den Helder Airport, Kooypunt is an excellent location for offshore-related businesses.

The development area is part of NV Port of Den Helder. This company lets, develops, coordinates and facilitates business areas in the maritime port, both on and behind the waterfront, and on business estates. In close collaboration with the Municipalities, the Royal Netherlands Navy, research institutes and education institutes, opportunities are offered for doing business, learning and working in the offshore industry. Den Helder is home to the main offshore port in the southern part of the North Sea. Together with the nearby airport, the port supports the activities of approximately 140 gas, oil and service platforms. With 23,000 flight movements each year, the airport is an important partner for the port.

Director Piet-Hein Kolff: “There is growing demand for plots of land among companies that wish to set up in business in Den Helder. This is partly attributable to the increasing number of offshore and maritime businesses that are interested in Den Helder and partly attributable to growth in the port’s activities. So the planned expansion in the form of the Kooypunt III business estate is an essential step. This is an official go-ahead for creating space for development. More than 25 hectares of business estate are available for companies that want quality, accessibility, close collaboration and healthy competition.”

Sail 2017
The port stakeholders’ meeting concluded with a presentation made by the Sail 2017 Foundation. The chairman,┬áVice-Admiral (retired) Jan van der Burg, enthusiastically explained how Den Helder intended to arrange hospitality for the most talked-about nautical event of the year. The foundation hopes to achieve the same level of success as the 2013 event. In 2013, Sail Den Helder and the Navy Days (Marinedagen) together attracted 330,000 visitors according to the organisation’s figures. Sail 2017 will again be combined with the Navy Days.